Making Data Scientists and Analytics Affordable

To address the shortage of qualified and experienced data scientists, Altis has invested in DataSeer, the Philippines leader in predictive analytics outsourcing and training. Through this investment Altis now offers:


Expert consulting in predictive analytics including machine learning and big data.

Virtual Teams

Data Scientists based in Manilla to support and enhance your analytics team.


Public and private training programs enabling your team to become data scientists.

Information Management that delivers tangible outcomes

We help you make better use of your data by combining our team of 90 passionate professionals with our proven Information Management tools.


Our team assists at all stages of the IM value chain to deliver improved business performance…

Managed Services

We manage your data for you – reducing cost and risk while improving efficiency and reliability…


We provide training programs built on exclusive partnerships with industry leaders…

A team that connects with courage, heart and insight

Every single team member is passionate about growing trusted relationships, really connecting with our clients and using our:

courage to tell it like it is and meet every challenge head-on

heart to care passionately about your personal and business results

insight derived from years of industry experience delivering real and positive differences.

In simple terms it means making a firm commitment to our clients and sharing the responsibility of delivering their outcomes.

An IM model that delivers results

A proven approach to turn your data into positive tangible outcomes.

Extensive industry experience

We’ve been providing Business Intelligence solutions to a wide range of industries since 1998, so we have a greater breadth and depth of experience than anyone.


We understand the complexities of data held by utilities companies and have been developing appropriate solutions since 2010…

Higher Education

Over the last 5 years we have partnered with 25 universities delivering strategies, roadmaps, projects and student analyses…


Since 1999, our work with Government departments has covered the spectrum from information management strategy to project delivery…

Financial Services

Our visualisation and data management tools help empower more effective decision-making and increase marketing automation…

Transport & Logistics

This is where we began: we know this industry intimately and continue to provide tailored strategies and solutions to improve business results…


From finance to people, safety to environment, our team has delivered a variety of transformational projects across the property value chain…

A few key facts

We are built on the simple philosophy that people make our business – and yours – successful and we have a unique range of differences to support this.

90 permanent staff committed to your success

Vendor independence
– right solution, not more software

'Best Places to Work’ by BRW Magazine six years in a row!

What’s happening at Altis?

Whether it’s an upcoming training course, a new member of our team or our latest thinking on Information Management, we’ll share it with you.

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In this Altis white paper, Anastasia Voinou from our Melbourne office talks about Data Lakes and their place in an Information Management architecture.
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Michael Betterton from our Canberra Office talks about some of the changes in Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 SSRS and how you can leverage these.  Keep Reading

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Thousands of businesses collect vast quantities of data, yet they struggle to turn the potential knowledge and insights into business advantage. Although the task can seem massive, the benefits can be great, allowing organisations to unlock additional sources of revenues and efficiencies.  Keep Reading

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Join one of our training events

Our partnerships with Kimball University, Stephen Few and William McKnight make us the definitive source for unique, insightful training programs that make a difference.

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Location: Auckland
17th - 18th October 2016
Presenter: Isaac Reyes
By the end of the course, students will know how to produce engaging, cohesive and memorable data stories using Excel and PowerPoint.

Author : Elizabeth Gordon

Location: Sydney
4th - 5th August 2016
Presenter: Isaac Reyes
By the end of the course, students will know how to produce engaging, cohesive and memorable data stories using Excel and PowerPoint.

Author : Elizabeth Gordon

Location: Wellington
8th – 10th August 2016
Presenter: Hans Patrik Hultgren
This course will guide you through the Data Vault modeling approach from modeling constructs and patterns to applying data vault principles in your DWBI program. This course covers also loading paradigms, architectures, and how to develop an effective overall data vault data warehouse program.

Author : Elizabeth Gordon

Location: Sydney
20th – 22nd September 2016
Presenter: Margy Ross
Excellence in dimensional modeling remains the keystone of a well-designed data warehouse/business intelligence system, regardless of your architecture. This course gives you the opportunity to learn directly from the industry’s dimensional modeling thought leader.

Author : Elizabeth Gordon

Location: Sydney
17th -19th October 2016
Presenter: William McKnight
A modern, comprehensive Knowledge Base for managing your most important corporate asset.

This three day course provides the framework and methodologies for moving beyond traditional...

Author : Elizabeth Gordon

Location: Sydney
31st August - 2nd September 2016
Presenter: Isaac Reyes

Learn the fundamentals of business statistics including statistical inference, experimental design and the linear model. 

Author : Elizabeth Gordon

Location: Sydney
12th - 14th October 2016
Presenter: Isaac Reyes

This course equips participants with the knowledge they need to identify and rank potential predictive analytics projects and build predictive analytic models. A range of models are explored, including regression and logistic regression. 

Author : Elizabeth Gordon

Location: Sydney
3rd – 4th November 2016
Presenter: Stephen Few
Many people assume that if they know how to use data analysis software, it means that they are skilled data analysts. 

Learn how to identify key signals and apply powerful data analysis in this invaluable 2-day workshop...

Author : Elizabeth Gordon

Location: Perth
8th - 10th November 2016
Presenter: Stephen Few
'Show Me the Numbers: Table and Graph Design' (two-day course) and 'Now You See It: Visual Data Analysis' (one-day course) will be offered at this workshop. 

This workshop will teach you how to effectively communicate quantitative business data...

Author : Elizabeth Gordon